At Network Courier we understand that it's vital that your package reaches its destination quickly and safely. While we do all we can to ensure that this happens every time, poor and inadequate packaging can result in damages.

Here are tips to ensure your packages reach their destination safely and quickly :


  • Do check any prohibitions or restrictions on transporting goods especially for overseas deliveries
  • Do use a strong outer container such as corrugated fiberboard with a good quality Kraft outer liner
  • Do put protective wrapping around each individual item
  • Do use expanded polystyrene chips, polythene foam, bubble plastic or shredded paper to cushion fragile items during delivery
  • Do seal cartons top and bottom with a 'H' seal preferably using 38mm or 50mm wide plastic or reinforced carton sealing tape
  • Do strap (with non-metallic strapping if possible) and tape large or heavy items, use an outer carton strong enough to withstand fully tensioned strapping
  • Do include the sender's address on the outer carton/wrapper, as well as inside the parcel
  • Do read and sign the declaration on the Network Express despatch pack regarding 'prohibited and dangerous articles'


  • Don't send dangerous or prohibited goods as you may be liable to prosecution
  • Don't use substandard or damaged cartons
  • Don't allow contents to move within their packaging
  • Don't allow fragile items inside a package to touch each other
  • Don't use domestic adhesive tape
  • Don't use string around boxes (it can be used around other wrapping mechanisms)
  • Don't send consignments without full address, postcode or zip code or telephone number of the addressee